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One company selling "virgin" coconut oil produced using the traditional fermentation method makes a similar error of omission in describing the production of their oil: "The milk is then fermented for 24-36 hours, and the oil is then separated and filtered from the curds. No chemical or high-heat (emphasis ours) treatment is used......" They say no "high-heat" but they don't say that in fact the oil is heated in order to remove moisture which is a necessary step in order to insure that the oil does not become rancid.

According to the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) nutrient data base, fresh coconut contains approximately 47% water. If you grate fresh coconut and press it you obtain coconut milk which is a combination of coconut oil and water. To prevent rancidity the moisture content of coconut oil must be 0.1% or less. In order to end up with just coconut oil the water must, one way or another, be removed. The DME (Direct Micro Expeller) method removes some of the water from the coconut before pressing it by drying the coconut. The pressed oil is then normally heated to remove the remaining moisture. The traditional method uses fermentation to cause the oil and water to separate and the oil is then heated to remove remaining moisture.

The centrifuge process takes advantage of the physical differences between coconut oil and water (the coconut oil being lighter) to separate the oil from fresh coconut milk. (The same principle is applied when a centrifuge is used to separate plasma from whole blood.) This process is so efficient and results in a moisture content so low that no additional processing is required.

It is interesting to note that in 2001  when we first described the centrifuge process used to produce Coconut Oil Supreme™, other companies were unaware that such a process even existed. After many posts appeared in internet forums which described Coconut Oil Supreme™ (the centrifuged oil) as having superior taste and quality, many companies are now claiming that their oil is produced using the same process. This is, in fact, not the case since the only facility which has both the equipment and know how to produce coconut oil with this process is the same facility which produces Coconut Oil Supreme™. I have even received email from small, family-type coconut oil producers offering to supply centrifuged coconut oil. I am sure that they have no idea of what is involved or that the equipment required costs millions of dollars. They only know that if that is supposed to be the best then that is what they are selling.

After years of receiving bad press, I am happy to see that the good word about coconut oil is spreading. I find it distressing, however, to see that some people are also spreading misinformation and hype for the sake of making a sale.

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I'm back to buying the best! I tried another brand coconut oil brand claiming to be "virgin" and highest quality - it was TERRIBLE & tasted like soap!! I forced myself to choke down 16oz before relegating the rest to cooking oil status. Just *thinking* about making my morning "butter coffee" with your sweet coconut oil supreme again makes me feel happy! Though I thought to save $, it ended up being a costly mistake & hard-to-swallow lesson! C.B.

Bought several coconut oils from health food stores. Although they were organic, the smell and taste were awful and had to throw them out. When I saw the sample size of coconut supreme I thought it was perfect to try first before spending money on a product I wasn't sure of. (customer who first bought sample.) M.S.

I am a nurse, I had a patient a few nights ago who let me use some of her coconut oil supreme after I commented on how nice her lotion smelled. She wanted me to get an extra medication cup and fill it with a few scoops to take home and try. I love how it moisturizes my over dry over washed nursing hands. I am going to try it in my dog's food also, he is always itchy. I will let you know! I am also purchasing a jar for my mother who has a lot of allergies to products. Thanks!! A.D.

My husband and I love this product! We've tried other coconut oils and none of them match the quality and taste. We also love that it is available in such a large quantity! S.S.

I am ordering these two samples and having them sent to one of my dearest friends because I want her to try these two products. I have become a walking 'advertisement' for Coconut Oil Supreme!! ... I am a repeat customer because I love, love, love your products! D. W.

This is my second order. Yours is the first Coconut Oil I have tried, but I can't imagine any other company's product being better. Your Cococnut Oil Supreme has such a delicate flavor. I use it now also as a skin moisturizer and have fallen in love with it's ultra-light fragrance. Wish I had discovered your company sooner! Linda D.

You offer the best selection with the highest quality. I love this company ...I've been a long time customer and absolutely love your products. I highly recommend to anyone who asks. You're the best out there. For me quality far exceeds the cost! S.N.

You carry the absolute best coconut based products available, and your coconut oil is head and shoulders better than any other oil available. S.J.

Thanks for your good work in making this good oil available online... I luv the coconut oil from your store -- its clarity and and smooth consistency (almost like water), fresh natural taste and mild fragrance, and quality is the best one I've found... it's the best of the best!! A regular / longtime customer now, Sharon S.

Just wanted to say I love your coconut oil. I have been trying several brands and I bought a small quantity from each. I noticed how crystal clear your oil is when it's in its melted state. The other oils were yellow, cloudy or just disgusting looking. Thanks for a great product and will be ordering again soon. M.S.

You have the most delicious tasting coconut oil I have ever tasted. I tried 5 different brands. You're the best!

Fabulous product - much better flavor than other oil available.

Now I know what real coconut oil should taste like.

Thank you for being a great source for the best oil on earth!

Thank you for your great product and wonderful service.

Tried them all and yours is the best.

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